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Post by Samhir on Thu Jul 09, 2015 3:51 pm

1.) Game Username 1:

2.) Game Username 2:

3.) Game Username 3:

4.) Which Account do you want mod on?

5.) When did you start playing?
Thurs, July 2nd

6.) how often do you find yourself answering questions for new players?
Not very often, since not many questions are being asked. Though I answer what I can, when I can.

7.) How much time are you spending ingame?
I'd say 8-9 hours a day. (probably more though xD)

8.) Do you like to use forums & how often do you post on forums?
I mostly use forums to keep up with whats going on with the server, such as updates, and ect. I also usually post (or view) suggestions from me or other players.

10.) Why Do you want mod?
I would like to help manage things on the server, and website. Also help out with suggestions for future updates that will hopefully be good for the server, bringing more players.

11.) Anything Else You want to explain to help your chances?
I believe that i would be good for this position because i'm very helpful, polite, and I've helped manage a server before. I found it fun.


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Mod App: Samhir Empty Re: Mod App: Samhir

Post by Michael on Thu Jul 09, 2015 9:03 pm

thank you very much for your application Samhir.
I will be waiting around 5 days before closing staff section to give other players time to put apps in.

I think how i am going to do it is pick 2 mods and 3 support players in that 5day time frame picking one a day.

so goodluck and thanks again!

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