Huge godWars update log 07/12/15

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Huge godWars update log 07/12/15 Empty Huge godWars update log 07/12/15

Post by Michael on Sun Jul 12, 2015 5:41 am

I did a huge update on god wars and tested on 07/12/15 3am my time (central = florida use).

all monsters have beened weakened so they are possible to kill and not get wrecked n die lol.
All drops raity was lowered atleast by i little
i put a lot of thought into how to make kril worth killing since his gs sucks and i think i did it.

Kril drops updates:
-zgs hilt is now only 1/55 not that i feel many people care about zgs; but it is still a gs.
-can get full enchanted robes and each piece drop rate is only like 1/30 and helm 1/20.
-anchient staff is 1/15 and also dropped by all minons
-Hark Clue drop 1/5 from kril and 1/10 from minons (which makes it best this to camp from hard clues if you are 3rd age hunting)
-dragon boots at 1/55 chance
-dragon stone 1 unnoted 1/15 change, 5 dragonstone noted 1/50 chance
-onyx 1/75 chance
-coins = kril drops 500k at 1/10 chance and 1m at 1/35 chance, and 5m at 1/100 chance ** minons drop 250k 1/10 chance, 500k 1/25

other gwd drops new rarites:
ags hilt was 1/275; now 1/170
arma pl8 and skirt was 1/150; now 1/100
arma helm was 1/100; now 1/70
sgs hilt was 1/125; now 1/80
arma cbow was 1/300; now 1/250
ss was 1/100; now 1/60
zgs hilt was 1/100; now 1/55
bgs hilt was 1/150; now 1/85
bandos tasset was 1/250; now 1/165
BCP was 1/200; now 1/120
Bboots was 1/75 now 1/45

I've alrdy went and tested all 4 bosses to see if i was victorious in making the bosses soloable but preffered with a team and i was good.
This is the gear i used with Bandos, Kril, and Sara:
verac helm, karils body, verac skirt, dboots, fury, bring, firecape, dfs, whip & inv was super set, 2 restores, 2 brews, rest was turtles.
(now for the info you guys wanted probably)
*sara = 8 solo kills and got 6 minions (before i had to tele for food)
*kril = 12 solo kills and 7 minions (before i had to tele for food)
*bandos = nearly 6 solo kills and 3 minions (before i had to tele for food)
*arma = 2 solo kills/ no minions (before i had to tele for food)
I think this is where i will keep them for a while since you can probably get more kills using dh if you want to risk getting low hp.
I recommend getting 30kc so if you die you can get in for your stuff but do what you want tbh.
those where all my kills from soloing and i dont plan on making them easier especially arma cause i want it possible to solo but you should need like 3-4 man team to camp it for a while.

BTW for arma i used rang pot 4 brews 3 restores, full karils with verac helm, rcbow and dbolts

Other loot changes;
kbd vissy was 1/100; now 1/130 (every one said it drops too often)
kbd onyx was 1/50; now 1/100 (i did because i wanted more people to do kril & tz monsters)
tz monsters onyx was 1/100; now 1/40 - 1/60 (depends on which one you kill)
abby whip was 1/100; now 1/55 (because it will soon be removed from shop)

Good Luck getting some god wars stuff now that the impossible godwars has been fixed and i hope that just because it is soloable now i would still love to see some of yall working as a team to take these bosses out. i love that this rsps is beggining with a good communtity where everyone acts like friends and its cool when i see some of yall teaming up to take on some bosses.

Make sure to reply to this thread with some feed back, this update did take me a nice while to do and test so yea it is almost 5am, i feel like ima pass out on my labtop so goodnight lol :/

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Huge godWars update log 07/12/15 Empty Re: Huge godWars update log 07/12/15

Post by doroozy on Sun Jul 12, 2015 5:50 am

Awsome! Keep up the great work Mike! and on that note, LETS GET TO THE PVM'ing!

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