Voting Please vote daily so we can grow!

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Voting Please vote daily so we can grow! Empty Voting Please vote daily so we can grow!

Post by Michael on Sun Jul 12, 2015 5:59 am

Runelocus vote:

Link to voting: (rank 118 as of 07/15/2015)

here is the link to OST mopar ad:

at the top you should see a green thumbs up under where is saids "vote here"
click on that and continue to the next page where you will type and code in and click submit vote. (something like that)
You should be able to do that daily so please try your best to keep up with it.

Hey guys I thought maybe if we can get our votes high then we can move up the server status list and get more people to click on the link to our server!

Ik most servers have vote rewards and such and it will be coming soon on here aswell but i been trying my best to code other bugs and stuff that i felt more important and i hope to get around to vote pnts and vote shops soon.

If you enjoy our server and want it to go it would help to go ahead and start voting even without the reward system set up.

Hopfully we can get a good number of votes and move up the status page some that more people will click on our link and join us in the pking, bossing, and the server will grow and become more entertaining.


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