OLD UpDates from BEFORE Beta

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OLD UpDates from BEFORE Beta Empty OLD UpDates from BEFORE Beta

Post by Michael on Sun Jul 05, 2015 1:11 pm

*GodWars updates:
-command to tele to gwd for now, ill add to boss tele later (6/18/15
-added all npc (6/18/15)
-added kc (6/18/15)
-added kc interface and player saving (6/18/15)
-Added objects & clickobject to get you to all boss rooms (6/19/15)
-Added correct correct attack type, and animations for bosses. (06/28/15)
-bosses and minons attack when you walk in door (06/28/15)
-cleared the drops (06/27/15)
-rewrote the drops from nothing (06/27/15)
-no longer get glory or fury when cutting dragstone/onyx (06/27/15)
-you first cut gems, then cut again for bolt tips (06/27/15)
-use cut gem with gold bar for ammy (06/27/15)
*Shops updates:
-cleared the shops so i could start fresh. (06/20/15)
-general store (redone) (06/20/15)
-weapons (redone) (06/20/15)
-armour (redone) (06/20/15)
-pure (added) (06/20/15)
-range (redone) (06/20/15)
-magic (redone) (06/20/15)
-skiller shop (redone) (06/20/15)
-slayer shop (redone) (06/20/15)
-pking shop (redone) (06/20/15)
-clan capes shop (added) (06/20/15)
-buying anything shop (06/22/15)
-added assault and void shop (06/22/15)
-custom assult mini (similar to 2speced) (06/28/15)
-assault point system (06/28/15)
-kill 5 different monsters for assault points (06/28/15)
-assault pnts shop (06/28/15)
-prayer can not be used in assault mini (06/28/15)
-base was using npc to tele you through the game (deleted) (06/25/15)
-added spellbook teleports(06/25/15)
-seperated multi and single pk teleports(06/25/15)
-added comp cape w/ no stats (06/26/15)
-added arma cbow w/ +10 range compared to rcbow(06/26/15)
-deleted old clues (06/25/15)
-added 4 clue difficulties (06/25/15)
- easy clue, dropped by easy monsters, give low lvl rewards casket (06/25/15)
- med clue, dropped by harder slayer monsters and tz, gives med lvl reward casket (06/25/15)
- hard clue, dropped by bosses, gives high level reward casket (06/25/15)
- random clue, pkp + assult + pc + slayer point shops, gives a random casket (06/25/15)
- cleared old rewards and rewrote (06/25/15)
*Edited tons of prices (6/22/15)
*Made torso, barrows gloves, and defenders tradable and pkable (like 2speced) (6/22/15)
*changed xp rated for easy meele, med mage, and hard range xp (6/22/15)
*added pure command permanently (like 2speced) (06/28/15)
*added maxed command temp for beta testing (06/28/15)
*added barrows command 1k every set temp for beta testing (06/28/15)
*changed all basic server and client naming, ect. (06/29/15)
*fixed godwars int. so it changes without have to relog (06/29/15)
*changed arma cbow int. to wield (06/29/15)
*added 1b ticket (06/29/15)

**need to do:
-1bill tickets(add)
-fancy robe shop for pures(add)
-don shop (maybe redo)
-gdw graple and swimming animations
-alters in boss rooms
-gdw clipping
-interface to lock each skill indivisually so i can remove the xplock command
- make karam work like they do in rsps
- test pk weapons so that i know rather to buff or strengthen weapons and specs
-test more skills and edit if needed

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