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Gore's 3rd Age Hunt :) Empty Gore's 3rd Age Hunt :)

Post by Gore on Fri Jul 17, 2015 5:03 pm

Hey all, my names Gore and I have decided to start a hunt for 3rd Age pieces from clue's. I will be logging each type and the reward hopefully throw in some pictures for a few rewards that look pretty cool. I hope you will enjoy watching me progress.

1. Black Full Helm (G), Black Platelegs (G), 146 Nature runes
2. Black Patebody (T), Black Plateskirt (T), 2 Steel arrows
3. Rune Platelegs (T), 35 Steel Arrows
4. Black Full Helm (G), Rune Plateskirt (G)
5. Black Platebody (T), Rune Platelegs
6. Black Full Helm(T), Black Kiteshield(T), 126 Nature runes

1. Strength Amulet(T), Dark Cavalier
2. Iron Plateskirt, 120 Swordfish
3. Orange Boater, Wizard Robe Top (G)
4. Zamorak Robetop, Archer's Ring, 108 coins
5. Guthix Cloak, 126 Adamant arrows

1. Rune Kiteshield(T), 135 Rune Arrows
2. Saradomin Full Helmet, 256 Nature runes
3. Guthix Platelegs, Amulet of Glory(T4)
4. Zamorak Cloak, 147 Rune Arrows
5. Zamorak Kiteshield, 297 Coins
6. Zamorak Plateskirt, 212 Sharks
7. Guthix Plateskirt, Guthix Dragonhide Body
8. Zamorak Robeskirt, 26 Rune Arrows
9. Zamorak Platebody, Zamorak Mitre
10. Saradomin Kiteshield, Dragon Axe, 16 Law runes

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Gore's 3rd Age Hunt :) Empty Re: Gore's 3rd Age Hunt :)

Post by Michael on Fri Jul 17, 2015 11:38 pm

Nice goal. currently of 07/17/15 there is only 3 third age peices in the game and i hope you get lucky enough to get some. Starting in the next few days clues will not be the old way in the game to get them.

GoodLuck with your goal and i hope you get some 3rd age m8(:

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