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Post by Depz on Wed Jul 29, 2015 10:47 am

1.) Game Username 1:

2.) Game Username 2:
Depz V3

3.) Game Username 3:

4.) Which Account do you want mod on?

5.) When did you start playing?
4Days ago

6.) how often do you find yourself answering questions for new players?
The community is still small, and currently not many new players are joining, but when my questions get answered by either you, or any other member of staff it gets stored in my head ready to to share my knowledge with new players, or regular players.. if anyone needs help i try my best to answer their questions or help them out as much as i can, if i can not help them i send them either your way, or other staff members.

7.) How much time are you spending ingame?
I am currently online daily, i can not specify how long i am on daily as that is unknown by myself, I work split shifts, from 6am-10am, then i go back to work at 6pm and work untill 10pm i know for a fact, that i will be logged on from 12am-4pm as all my friends are working and i have nothing to do with my day but play runescape private servers

8.) Do you like to use forums & how often do you post on forums?
I Only made an forum account 2 days ago? i will only come on to forums to check updates and to look at peoples media
When and if server grows i will definitely be more active on forums.

10.) Why Do you want mod?
To be quite honest with Ya'll i have no idea, it would be lying to turn round and say 'cus i like helping people' Because quite honestly i don't enjoy it and to be fair, thats not what moderators are for, in my eyes moderators are to help the community stick to the rules with either bug abuse, racism, bullying, duping ect, the list goes on but i could easily, give a hand to any players that need a helping hand also, if i know the answers that is, i have been a moderator on numerous amount of servers i think my biggest moderator roles were on sinzscape, and extremepks317/extremepks562, they were quite big servers back in the day with 300+ players online at a time, i have been admin, and even co-owner on many servers with active players around 30-50..
i am from the uk, so it is always good to have an player moderator from different time zones in my opinion, I Would like to be player moderator because i feel i am mature enough, and respected enough to take the role, i am an nice guy who can help out anyway i can, and can take the role of getting rid of players that can not abide by the rules.

11.) Anything Else You want to explain to help your chances?
I Will probably not even get the roll of being an staff member, but thats cool I'll still help the newbies out :-)

Any questions from either staff or players go ahead and post

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