unpdates in progress as of 07/05/2015

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unpdates in progress as of 07/05/2015 Empty unpdates in progress as of 07/05/2015

Post by Michael on Sun Jul 05, 2015 2:12 pm

I have a few things in mind already that need to be fixed so i will be working on these as soon as possible.
- NPC clipping in GodWards
- i have to get dagg kings set up with the proper way to get there.
- need to code gnome, barb, and wildy agility courses. (agility currently dont work period)
- make arma cbow work on npc's (already works for pvp)
- I need To finish Farming (started today)
-1 bill tickets and npc to sell them
- npc or object to give comp cape.
-Fix pest control minigame so you can get points when you finish.
-Fix fightcaves (jad) so waves start properly.

Things that i am thinking about adding in the future but i will host a voting poll before doing these ideas.
- pvp system where if you kill your target you have chance to get emblem (sells for extra pkp)
- add working chins with training spots to trail mage n range fast (bandits and/or skel monkeys) w/ chins or barrage
- want some custom minigame involving slayer skill. (havnt put much thought into it yet.)
-lower kc for gwd boss rooms to 15 or 20 (currently 25)
-add player titles
-add 2 difficulties of fight caves;
          *easy; 20-25 waves. reward = firecape
          *hard; full 63waves. reward = fire cape and title
-add "pure" or "boosted" title that is unremovable for players who use ::pure so that players are noticed for there work if they                  train an account without using ::pure.
- Wilderness skilling for x1.5 or x2xp to get more players into the wild

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