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Josh's staff application Empty Josh's staff application

Post by Yoku on Mon Jul 13, 2015 3:02 am

Game Username 1: Yoku

4.) Which Account do you want mod on? Yoku

5.) When did you start playing? 07/12/2015

6.) how often do you find yourself answering questions for new players? Whenever I see a question being asked I answer it. Whether it be if I'm training, or just sitting there.

7.) How much time are you spending in-game? 10+ hours a day

8.) Do you like to use forums & how often do you post on forums? Yes I enjoy reading and discussing In-game politics with players. Whenever the time may come. Whether it be replying to a post. Or making my own.

10.) Why Do you want mod? I want mod because I am a well rounded person who will help the server grow both player wise and gameplay wise. Whether it be helping to add new content or helping to add new players, I am there for both and will be always looking to add to the community. As well as give back to the community.

11.) Anything Else You want to explain to help your chances? I am a coder who is currently climbing up the ranks in the coding game, And I am also a computer tech who can help with the main functions or anything of the sort with players, whether it be technical difficulty's for the new players, or creating an event to bring new players. I am and will be there to help and serve the trilogy community. Thank you.


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Josh's staff application Empty Re: Josh's staff application

Post by Michael on Mon Jul 13, 2015 3:43 am

Thank you for your application.
I you seem to be a good candidate for a OST Staff Team Member rather it is mod or Support so i will keep you in mind when thinking the last two support spots over.

those two positions will be picked one a day for next two days and then i will be Picking more as the server grows.

Thanks again for your time & Application, GoodLuck, and I hope your enjoying OST!(:

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