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Post by darren11 on Sat Jul 18, 2015 7:08 am

Hi all, iv'e got a few suggestions, One of them is killcount, whatever you kill, or a log, for example, boss logs...to see how many you've killed ect..Another is bank tabs, Cant be dealing with without them ahh! Very Happy

Vetrion calistio maybe added into the game? Possibly in the wildn'ness to make it harder.

Extend the pk shop dont quit no what you get from the mysterybox's unless you buy them..

Cluescroll's seems to easy to get, ive had 15 in about an hour lol

Feedback would be lovely,

Thanks Darren11.


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*suggestions* Empty Re: *suggestions*

Post by Michael on Sat Jul 18, 2015 2:40 pm

Okay i will reply back to each of them suggestions.
1) boss count was already considered and will be added. i am soon to be adding titles into the game and i need a boss kc to determine if you unlocked the bossing titles.

2)Bank Tabs have been attempted and it was a failed project so i will probably pay a dev. to help me with it as the server grows and we get dons to pay for a professional developer.

3)RS07 wilderness bosses and items will be a vote on forums oneday when the server is popular and forums are active.

4) pk shop, donator shop, slayer shop, and vote shop all need work and will be worked on very soon. as for the boxes maybe ill post something of forums explaining when you can get from them, that or i will make a video opening alot of them and post on forums.

5) clue scrolls; i dont think that will change any since nothing in them is really op, and the few rare things like masks, santa, and 3rd age that you can get from them are very rare.

Thank you for putting your suggestions on the forums and i hope this answers any questions you had

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