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Post by Michael on Sun Jul 26, 2015 2:30 am

This update is to explain how donations will work for now (Temp)
-i wanted to do donations the correct way but me, kilo, and aaron do not know how to set up the don system properly and we have been working on it for a few days.
-Vps is 52$ and due in two days and i cant pay out of pocket so to keep this time so i had to get some kind of donations up so that i could get the vps money before its too late and i have to shut the server down.

what i added to don shop: (1$ = 1 point)
item points
Tradable Don Ticket = 1 point
double skill xp (30mins) = 3
double combat xp = 3
bronze don ticket = 10
silver don ticket = 25
gold dpm toclet = 50
barrows box = 5
boss box = 20
rares box = 35
instant 99 xp lamp = 15

how to donate:
-first thing is messaging me on skype to let me know.
(if you dont have my skype, search for trilogy reborn or mike allen, & look for profile picture sayin trilogy reborn w/ zam boss in back)
-i will give you the new paypal business account i just created just for the server donations
-you will send me the money you'd like to donate over paypal
-if we are both online ill give you don tickets which give you 1 donpoint each when used on the alter
-if we are not both online ill just add donation points to your account soon as i get the chance.

Thanks ahead for anyone who will soon be donating, hopfully we get the money needed in time to keep this server alive.

p.s: to active a don ticket or the gold don. member scroll you just use it on the alter at home and relog when your done.

ive not currently added the bronze silvers and gold don benifits atm but here is what i have planned so far.

Bronze title
1 barrows boxes free
::yell (30sec timed delay)
emblem ingame and forums
access to don island which will have all the benifits i am about to list.

Silver Title
1 boss box free
::yell (15sec timed delay)
emblem ingame and forums
access to don island
x1.5 pkp

Gold Title
1 free rare box
::yell (no delay)
emblem ingame and on forums
access to don island
::bank if not in wild
x1.5 pkp
x1.5 slay points
x2 castle assault pnts

All donator titles are optional incase you have a better title you like

Don island:
slay master to tele to any slayer monster
alter to heal, restore pray & spec (1hr delay for bronze, 30mins for silver, 5 or 10mins for gold)
Don shop For cosmetics only
rune ore (not in wild)
turtles fishing spot (not in wild) (only silver +)
tribal monster that drops all the tribal shields and masks (cosmetic but looks cool)
..may add more but thats all i got for ideas for now. if you think of more throw it in the suggestions section.


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